Spring Creek Capital, a healthcare solutions company which distributes solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare markets, has signed a licensing agreement with McCoy Enterprises for Debride WH-1, a patent-pending topical therapy product designed for the growing wound care market.

The Debride WH-1 topical treatment product was developed by McCoy Enterprises, the same organisation responsible for creation of the buccal mucosa drug delivery system licensed to Spring Creek and announced on May 3, 2010.

The Debride WH-1, is a topical therapy that contains triamcinolone acetonide (corticosteroid anti-inflammatory) and lidocaine (anesthetic) as active ingredients, and although primarily developed as a prescription drug for the treatment of ulcers, it has other clinical indications including, wounds, burns and various skin irritations including rashes and insect bites.

Spring Creek Capital and McCoy Enterprises said that this licensing agreement gives Spring Creek the exclusive rights to produce, market, distribute and sell products based on a fundamentally new combination approach for the treatment of open wounds, such as venous stasis or decubitus ulcers.

Kelly Hickel, chairman and CEO of Spring Creek Capital, said: “We are excited to announce our latest licensing agreement, which brings a patent-pending product for treating wounds to Spring Creek’s portfolio.

“Debride is expected to address the therapeutic as well as total wellness needs for the growing elderly population in the US, as well as various other developed countries throughout the world.”

Randall McCoy, founder of McCoy Enterprises, said: “Unlike other wound healing approaches, Debride is believed to stimulate wound healing using a combination of currently approved products, is physiologically more appropriate, covers all phases of wound healing using synthetic or biotechnologically engineered growth factors.”

McCoy Enterprises is a provider of manufacturing services to pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing industries in the US and internationally.