Spiracur, a developer of non-powered negative pressure wound therapy solutions, has launched new SNaP bridge wound care dressing.

SNaP bridge dressing when combined with a protective boot offloading device can be used for the treatment of plantar surface diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs).

O’Connor Wound Care Center DPM Leslie Oldenbrook said amputations as a result of non-healing or untreated DFUs are devastating for patients and extremely costly to healthcare system, accounting for an estimated $116bn in direct medical costs.

"The SNaP Bridge Dressing offers an advanced negative pressure therapy solution for treating plantar surface DFUs by removing any additional hard pressure points from the weight bearing surface and providing continuous, safe therapy," Oldenbrook added.

Spiracur president and chief executive officer Gary Restani said, "We are optimistic that our integrated approach to plantar surface wound care may help to reduce complications associated with diabetic foot ulcers and resulting amputations."