“As we prepare for the commencement of our commercial efforts later this month, it is critically important that we protect our intellectual property assets,” commented Roy Chin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

“The issuance of this patent by the USPTO further protects our innovative Sagittae product and we intend to further expand and strengthen our global IP, creating barriers to entry and and monetizing our R&D efforts.”

This latest patent expands the Company’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio, which includes issued patents in the U.S. and China and several pending patent applications in other global jurisdictions. The Company’s IP portfolio also includes the novel surgical instrumentation used to accompany the interbody fusion devices, along with other new expandable products utilizing aspects of the core platform technology.

Sagittae is a personalized, adjustable expandable LLIF device designed to minimize impaction, maximize indirect decompression, and provide a large graft space optimal for lumbar fusion procedures.

It is designed for up to 8mm of continuous in situ expansion, with up to 30° of continuous in situ lordotic adjustment. The large single graft chamber can be filled with bone graft material after insertion and adjustment to ensure even contact with both vertebral endplates.

The ability to personalize the device to each patient’s needs provides restorative independent height and lordotic angle with proper anatomical fit. Available in five sizes, all with independent parallel height or lordotic profiles, Sagittae provides several options for surgeons to address optimal sagittal balance, while minimizing burdensome implant inventory traditionally required for each procedure.

Source: Company Press Release