SpinalMotion has obtained CE mark approval for two sub-5mm Kineflex|C cervical total disc replacements to address patients needs by best matching disc height to the existing anatomy.

The Kineflex|C cervical total disc replacement is a semi-constrained, mobile bearing disc made of cobalt chrome alloy which is selected for its strength, wear characteristics and durability.

The Kineflex|C cervical total disc replacements portfolio including Kineflex|C 4LH disc height of 4mm and the Kineflex|C 5LH disc height of 4.8mm facilitates surgeons to treat patients with smaller disc heights without overstretching the adjacent ligaments, which could limit motion.

SpinalMotion president and CEO David Hovda said the kinematics of the company’s new discs are identical to its existing Kineflex|C discs and the implant technique and instrumentation are very similar to the discs it has used commercially and in its investigational device exemption clinical study.