Spectrum Solutions, a US-based biotech company, has officially released SimplyPERIO, a new saliva diagnostic testing product.

According to Spectrum Solutions, the new diagnostic solution addresses a growing need in healthcare by providing comprehensive health insights with clinical significance, leveraging 16 oral targets from a single patient sample.

As scientific advancements emphasise the intricate connection between oral health and systemic diseases, SimplyPERIO can bridge this gap, offering a smarter approach to health assessment, said the company.

SimplyPERIO employs a proprietary molecular technology to detect and quantify periodontal bacteria, caries, fungal, and viral targets.

Recognising that the effectiveness of treatments often hinges on host immunity and response, the saliva test is said to have been designed to deliver high sensitivity and specificity. This is aimed at providing healthcare providers with a thorough oral health assessment.

The patented blue buffer solution integrated into the collection device’s cap stabilises saliva samples at room temperature. This eliminates the need for special post-collection storage or shipping conditions.

Spectrum Solutions said that patients can easily deposit samples one by one for at-home testing and treatment monitoring or collect samples throughout the day for in-office testing. The samples can then be conveniently mailed back to the lab using the provided USPS postage-paid return box for processing, said the Salt Lake City, Utah-based firm.

Spectrum Solutions chief science officer David Vigerust said: “We are using science to make saliva diagnostics simple for both Patients and Providers. SimplyPERIO testing is not only pain-free it takes less than 30 seconds for a patient to collect their own sample.

“In addition, our CAP accredited laboratory delivers Providers the independent, 3rd party results necessary for intelligent, data-supported patient conversations about stopping and even reversing their disease and systemic risks.”