Spectros, which markets and licenses molecular sensing and imaging devices that shed light on ischemia and cancer, has introduced a proprietary broadband near infrared illuminator sensor - Continuum.

Continuum allows for noninvasive analysis of various components in tissue and blood, including different types of hemoglobin, fat content and water content.

Clinical application of Continuum sensors incorporating the broadband NIRS illuminator will allow placement on the patient’s head to monitor the brain, on the abdomen to monitor the gut, and over muscle to monitor local perfusion.

Early clinical studies suggest the device may have use in noninvasive detection of necrotizing enterocolitis, a gut disease of newborns.

The new sensor, protected by a broad family of issued patents, will be incorporated into the company’s flagship T-Stat Oximeter and Analysis platforms.

Spectros T-Stat and Continuum Oximeters are currently on the market in the US and Europe.

T-Stat and Continuum compete in the marketplace with INVOS oximeters marketed by Covidien, and FORE-SIGHT oximeters marketed by CAS.

In reconstructive surgery, T-Stat competes with oximeters marketed by ViOptix.