Sparton, a supplier of complex and reliable electronic and electro-mechanical products, sub-assemblies and related services to the Medical, Defense & Security, and Aerospace markets, has signed an initial contract manufacturing award with Talyst, located in Bellevue, WA.

Talyst Carla Corkern said their decision to partner with Sparton was driven by their quality and process capabilities demonstrated by their work on their AutoCool product.

Sparton will provide a full system build at its Fredrick, Colorado operation utilizing its internal circuit card assembly capability, contemporary quality tools, and collaborative manufacturing process.

Sparton president and CEO Cary Wood said partnering and collaborating with their customers to ensure mutual success is one of their corporate values.

"The contract win is also a leading indicator that our new business development efforts are beginning to take hold and we are excited with the opportunity that Talyst has given us to be their extended manufacturing arm," Wood said.