Spacelabs Healthcare, a division of OSI Systems, is planning to present its AriaTele telemetry transmitter, qube compact patient monitor as well as the XPREZZON bedside monitor at annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses 2012, taking place this week in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Xprezzon monitor features a visibility alarm lights that illuminate front and back for heightened vigilance and increased patient safety.

The company will also demonstrate ICS XPREZZ, a renowned ICS G2 connectivity solutions which provides caregivers with comprehensive patient information including near-live waveforms and graphical trends on iPads or other mobile devices.

Spacelabs Healthcare president Nicholas Ong said, "Our new high performance solutions symbolize design excellence – tools to enhance the quality of patient care and improve outcomes, but which also have aesthetic appeal to caregivers and their patients."