The designation indicates that Intesys Clinical Suite G2 (ICS G2) application software has passed a detailed evaluation and testing process managed by VMware and is listed on the VMware Partner Product Catalog.

Spacelabs‘ ICS G2 enterprise connectivity solution utilizes an open architecture approach and industry standard solutions, including non-proprietary hardware and the hospital network.

VMware-specified testing helps ensure that ICS G2 makes best use of VMware technology and is ready for deployment in customer environments.

Upon deployment of the VMware platform, highly available technical environment is created and clinical downtime is minimized.

ICS G2 , comprised of both clinical tools and connectivity interfaces, is designed to provide Spacelabs patient monitoring data to clinicians in required manner.

Spacelabs Healthcare Research and Development VP Patrick Jenson said their open technical philosophy perfectly positions us to provide solutions using the newest technologies, such as VMware software.

"VMware Ready status can help provide additional assurance to the scores of Spacelabs customers who are already using ICS G2 on the VMware platform," Jenson said.