Southern Spine, an ISO 13485:2003 certified manufacturer of implants and instruments for spinal surgery, has established an agreement with a major Italian distributor and have already performed numerous successful cases of its patented StabiLink MIS Spinal Fixation System.

Southern Spine CEO David C. Field said now that company’s StabiLink system is CE marked, as well as FDA cleared, company is excited to begin expanding its global distribution beyond the US market.

"We will continue to locate other qualified spine distributors throughout the world that are interested in having our best-in-class system in their portfolio," Field added.

Carolina Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr Michael Cowan said the principle benefit of the StabiLink system is that it is placed between the spinous processes, away from the neural elements.

He further stated, "The anterior ‘tray’ design of the StabiLink implant creates an ideal containment area for the maximum amount of bone graft material to optimize bony fixation between the spinous process."

The PG inserter/compressor is the first and only All-in-One instrument that redefines ease-of-use and allows the surgeon to quickly and accurately place the StabiLink implant with or without removal of the interspinous ligaments.