Soundwaves announced its expansion into MSK ultrasound in office services so that Florida patients and their doctors may begin to benefit from the MSK ultrasound experience.

Medical professionals across Europe and South America have used a process known as musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound to help their patients for quite a while.

Unfortunately, MSK ultrasound in the U.S. has been underused – mainly due to a lack of knowledge and exposure within the medical provider community.

"Now," says Soundwaves founder and CEO Denise Barbato, "it’s time to spread the message to medical providers about how MSK ultrasound can make a real difference in their treatment strategies beyond OB/GYN."

Barbato, who has been an ultrasound sonographer for twenty years, specializing in high risk OB/GYN ultrasound for 11 of those years, explains that Soundwaves intends to drive MSK ultrasound as a more integral part of the overall healthcare process.

"MSK ultrasound is emerging as a powerful tool that allows physicians to visualize muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and joints in an office setting for diagnostic purposes, as well as precisely guided injection procedures," explains Barbato.

James Voglino M.D., a Miami orthopedic surgeon who already uses the service, says, "As a busy physician, Soundwaves’ full service component is what I find attractive. It has allowed me to add diagnostic and therapeutic technology to my practice which has optimized the care of my patients. Procedures that we were not able to do in office, such as hip intra-articular injections and shoulder bicipital groove injections, we can now do with confidence," added Dr. Voglino.

"MSK ultrasound is a hands-on, dynamic, interactive examination giving physicians the unique ability to study the point of interest during movement of the tendon or joint," says Barbato. "And right now, our service remains the only one of its kind in Florida."

Soundwaves’ approach to MSK ultrasound brings the powerful combination of the most advanced imaging systems with highly trained sonographers – delivering fast, accurate results directly to the medical provider’s office.