The Singapore-based global fund, EDBI, has awarded a $12.2m Series D financining to Sotera Wireless.

As part of the fund, Sotera has also entered into an agreement with new investor Cerner Capital and existing investors Sanderling Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Intel Capital and West Health Investment Fund.

The ViSi Mobile System was designed to detect early signs of deterioration through constant monitoring of all vital signs.

Cerner chief innovation officer and co-founder Paul Gorup said he was amazed by the capabilities that they have built into their product, ViSi Mobile.

"We decided to collaborate with Sotera Wireless to jointly make an impact on how vital signs for general care patients in hospitals are captured and documented," Gorup added.

EDBI CEO Chu Swee-Yeok said they believe Sotera provides a disruptive platform that will offer clinicians with the visibility they need for pre-emptive and preventative care.

"EDBI looks forward to actively assisting Sotera to tap into new business opportunities in the Asia-Pacific market to expand its global footprint," Swee-Yeok said.

Sotera claims that the funding from the Series D financing will support the launch and commercialization of the product after regulatory clearance.