Sorin Group has received CE mark approval for its SonR cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) optimization system.

The SonR system comprises the SonR hemodynamic sensor which is embedded in the SonRtip atrial pacing lead and the Paradym RF SonR CRT-D device.

SonR automatically optimizes every week to adapt to the patient’s changing condition and provides patient’s real life activities and these measurements are transmitted to the CRT-D device which uses them to determine the best settings for the patient.

SonR measurements correspond to LVdP/dtmax, the standard for assessing left ventricular (LV) contractility, an indicator of cardiac performance.

University Hospital Philippe Ritter said providing weekly optimization both at rest and exercise is a significant step forward in the treatment of heart failure patients.

Sorin Group CRM Business Unit president Stefano Di Lullo said the introduction of this new CRT-D system provides new horizons in heart failure treatment options and is a reflection of their commitment to innovation in the hemodynamic management of heart failure patients.