US based Sony Corporation of America (SCA), a subsidary of Sony, has completed the acquisition of Micronics.

Sony has acquired Micronics to speed up its own research and development (R&D), particularly for Point of Care diagnostic equipment, as well as to market these products.

The acquisition allows Micronics to be a subsidiary of SCA, and will work with the Sony’s life sciences R& D team in order to jointly develop new products and technologies.

Micronics is involved in the R&D of near patient Point of Care devices for disease diagnosis, treatment monitoring and blood testing and also provides product development for third-party clients.

Micronics utilizes its microfluidics technologies to develop patient point of care products in both the molecular and immunoassay diagnostic test domain.

Micronics has also developed near patient Point of Care molecular diagnostic platform which is used for the diagnosis of infectious disease.

Micronics near patient point of care diagnosis produces results via testing that can be performed in a physician’s office, emergency room, or patient’s hospital bedside, rather than having to send a patient’s specimen to an off-site laboratory.

Sony EVP and executive officer Keiji Kimura said they believe that the combination of Micronics’ development capabilities in the medical diagnosis domain and their consumer electronics and IT technologies, such as in optical discs, will enable them to offer solutions that are responsive to the rapidly escalating needs for Point of Care diagnosis.