Under the terms of agreement, UMI is expected to serve as a distributor for SonoSite M-Turbo and MicroMaxx ultrasound systems into private medical offices and also expects to serve as a re-seller of SonoSite’s used products from its older lines.

SonoSite’s point-of-care ultrasound systems are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the ability to view anatomy in a variety of clinical settings. With the implementation of real-time visualisation, physicians in office settings are able to confidently assess, diagnose and perform interventional procedures directly in the patient’s examination room.

Kevin Goodwin, president and CEO of SonoSite, said: “UMI’s sales team has more than 30 years of experience in the diagnostic instrument industry and will be a valuable partner to complement our existing sales force.

“This strategic distribution channel will be key in providing value to our customers and their patients, while enabling us to better access small office markets and reach a broader base of physicians in the expanding point-of-care ultrasound office segment.”

Mansoor Ghanavati, president and CEO of United Medical Instruments, said: “UMI is delighted to join forces with SonoSite. The company has a strong reputation for creating point-of-care ultrasound products that are cutting edge and reliable and its products will fit well within our existing portfolio of high quality ultrasound solutions.

“We look forward to bringing more value to our customer base and we expect tremendous success in the physician offices.”