As part of the agreement, SonoSite will educate the NBA and the NBA Development League’s team physicians and athletic trainers about the company’s hand- carried diagnostic ultrasound tools that are portable and can assist in diagnosing, treating and monitoring the rehabilitation of professional athletes.

SonoSite claims that its systems offer a portability advantage unlike any imaging modality on the market, weighing less than eight pounds and helps to exanine and assess players at any point-of-care location with real-time feedback and ultrasound visualisation features.

SonoSite president and CEO Kevin Goodwin said that they are excited for the opportunity to partner with the NBA and further support their efforts in providing the technology to their team physicians and athletic trainers, along with the highest level of care to their athletes.

“In a sport where injuries are unavoidable, it is our goal to educate sports clinicians on the latest practices that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of player injuries,” Goodwin said.