To provide superior imaging in a small package

SonoSite has launched the 6 pound NanoMaxx ultrasound tool in Europe. The system joins SonoSite’s suite of specialised products for point-of-care visualisation is the NanoMaxx system, which was launched during during fall exhibitions, road shows and key events hosted in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and a number of other countries.

The company claims that the NanoMaxx system is a durable and is built to withstand the demands of busy hospital environments with imaging in a small package. With its small footprint, the system can easily be carried from room-to-room, to a satellite office, operating room or to an off-site location for immediate use and diagnostics.

Mike Fernandez, general manager of SonoSite, Europe and Latin America, said: “With the ability to expedite workflow, guide interventional procedures and provide visualisation and diagnostics at any location, the NanoMaxx system is a powerful tool that will raise the standard of healthcare practices around the globe.”

Simon Elliott, consultant radiologist of Freeman Hospital at Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, said: “The portable ultrasound systems have made an advance in my professional specialty, to diagnose as well as treat the most important sport injuries, and this means absolute portability we can offer the immediate assistance to the patient with total reliability.”