Sonitor Technology’s ultrasound real time location system (USID) technology is specifically developed and designed for use in hospitals and for a variety of hospital applications.

The Sonitor real time locating systems (RTLS) receiver infrastructure leverages any existing local area network, either wired or wireless, for communication of RTLS signals to a central server.

The receiver units can even be powered by batteries if a 110 V is not available or via POE if Ethernet is chosen.

The company said in addition to RTLS system applications, such as for equipment tracking, the wireless functionality builds on the newest generation of ‘plug and play’ high definition receivers which can establish several location zones inside the same room.

This allows for workflow and safety applications, such as patient-caregiver-equipment interaction event recording, hand sanitation compliance monitoring/alerts, clinical information screen auto-log-on/log-off and other applications.

Sonitor Technologies president Terry Aasen said the ability to plug and play as a result of this next generation of wireless receiver infrastructure brings efficiencies to Sonitor’s system anf further supports ease of use and installation.