Together, NYU Langone Medical Center and SonaCare Medical anticipate providing physician education, training and technology development across multiple disciplines.

SonaCare Medical chief development officer Dr Mark Carol, Chief Development Officer noted the Sonatherm laparoscopic surgical ablation system is a unique approach to soft tissue ablation that combines imaging, therapy, and dynamic robotic tracking capabilities that can be used in a wide variety of clinical conditions.

"It represents a direct extension of more than 40 years of focused therapeutic ultrasound experience at SonaCare Medical and represents the first step in an evolutionary process leading to ‘Sound Medicine’ – the use of images to guide a preplanned thermal procedure performed robotically on a wide variety of organs in the body," Dr Carol added.

SonaCare Medical CEO Mike Klein noted every decade therapeutic medicine encounters a new device technology that enters the clinical arena and transforms the market, in large part because it is aligned with the defining characteristics of its time.

"Focused therapeutic ultrasound has the potential to be such a technology. It is well aligned with defining market characteristics that include migration from an organ-centric to a focal-centric disease orientation as well as a growing emphasis on image guided procedures.

"Together, we hope this collaboration will become a model for developing research-based, advanced clinical care delivery expertise in the use of focused therapeutic ultrasound and define a new set of surgical patterns of care and clinical protocols that will shape the future of many surgical specialties," Klein added.