SomnoMed, a dental sleep appliance company, has launched SomBrux, a new range of products treating sleep bruxism (SB). Medical studies indicate prevalence of SB in approximately 8% of the adult population of western societies and an equal occurrence in men and women.

The condition is currently treated with a wide range of products, mostly individually made by dental technicians. Based on company research, the global market is currently in excess of 2 million units per year, representing a wholesale value of around $200 to $300m, with an annual growth tendency of 8 to 12%.

The new SomBrux product line will be introduced in Australia in February 2010, followed during the year by launches in all major global markets where SomnoMed is represented. SomBrux, like the SomnoDent device treating sleep apnea, is custom made and offered in various designs.

Ralf Barschow, CEO of SomnoMed, said: “SomBrux is our treatment answer for the sleep bruxism condition and satisfies a potential demand from a significant number of patients around the world. It is a logical next step in our dental sleep appliance product range, offering a combination of highest quality and craftsmanship, synonymous with all our SomnoMed products.”