Somanetics Corporation (Somanetics) has filed patent infringement complaint against CAS Medical Systems, Inc. (CAS Medical) in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The complaint asserts that CAS Medical's FORE-SIGHT Cerebral Oximeter willfully infringes upon three Somanetics' patents.

The complaint also asserts that CAS Medical has engaged in unfair competition and false advertising in connection with its advertising and promotion of FORE-SIGHT, and false or misleading statements related to Somanetics’ products.

The complaint seeks compensation for damages and an injunction against CAS Medical from infringing upon Somanetics’ patents.

Somanetics develops, manufactures and markets the In Vivo Optical Spectroscopy (INVOS) System.

CAS Medical develops, manufactures and markets of medical devices for non-invasive patient monitoring.