Solos Endoscopy has developed a relay lense adapter system for its MammoView product line which allows the MammoView scope and endocoupler to join with virtually all video systems currently used in endoscopic procedures.

Solos Endoscopy has the flexibility to market the MammoView to the customers that previously could not utilise their existing video systems with the MammoView scope due to incompatibility issues surrounding inconsistent thread sizes between the video camera and endocoupler.

Solos Endoscopy previously developed a new endocoupler with an eye piece for the MammoView system. Along with its current endocoupler and the eye piece endocoupler, the new adapters are expected to allow the MammoView scope to be used by the video systems currently in the market place.

Reportedly, Solos Endoscopy expects to continue its new product development for the MammoView product line as well as market expansion through its efforts to meet the requirements of the ISO 13485 standard and obtain the CE mark and the permission to sell medical devices in the European Union and Canada.

Bob Segersten, president of Solos Endoscopy, said: “The new adapters allow us to offer the MammoView system to a wider customer base that was previously excluded due to both incompatibility issues with existing video systems as well as the prohibitive additional cost of purchasing a new video system.”