SOLA Biosciences announced a distribution agreement with Cosmo Bio Co, one of Japan’s leading suppliers of reagents for biochemical research and clinical diagnostics along with apparatuses.

COSMO provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan and all over the world.

SOLA has developed a novel technology called TapBoost®, which assists in the proper folding of targeted proteins to eventually improve recombinant protein secretion from the host cells.

This breakthrough platform significantly improves targeted protein production even “difficult-to-express” proteins such as antibodies and Fc-fusion proteins which are needed by many researchers to resolve challenges in their laboratory research or pharmaceutical companies to create life-saving medicine.

“We are excited to collaborate with COSMO’s highly reputable team as a dependable partner to researchers and companies in life science,” said Dr. Keizo Koya, the founder/CEO of SOLA.

“This alliance will support various research and the production of needed agents and medicine that contribute to bringing about a better future for people worldwide.”

SOLA and COSMO share the same mission: contributing to life science. TapBoost® Technology’s anticipated wide range of applications and COSMO’s ability to supply a vast array of products and information through trusted services will contribute to science, researchers, and R&D companies in Japan.

SOLA is a bioscience company, headquartered in Boston, with the goal of improving target proteins production via the breakthrough TapBoost® technology for pharmaceutical companies and researchers around the globe so that we can resolve the challenges of basic research or deliver new therapeutics faster, more efficiently, and at lower overall cost to patients.

COSMO is an organization established to sell and distribute biological reagents and services for research purposes, headquartered in Tokyo, with a network of over 200 contracted dealers throughout Japan, COSMO is one of the largest and most established life sciences reagents and services supplier in Japan.