Soft Tissue Regeneration has received a patent number 8,486,143 relating to the L-C Ligament, an investigational device for soft tissue regeneration of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) of the knee, from the US Patent and Trademark Office.

L-C Ligament, a bioresorbable scaffold designed to facilitate re-growth of a patient’s ACL within the knee, was invented by Dr Cato T Laurencin.

The L-C Ligament provides the regeneration of the patient’s own ligament tissue. To date, results from large-scale animal testing at one year and longer have demonstrated that the L-C Ligament can successfully regenerate a native ligament intra-articularly.

In addition, the L-C Ligament may provide particular advantages in ease of use, avoidance of a harvesting surgery, reduction in surgical time and clinical safety from infection and disease.

A clinically approved degradable plastic called poly(L) lactide acid (PLLA) is used in this patented technology to tackle the known risks and morbidity associated with allograft and autograft tissues.

Soft Tissue Regeneration recently enrolled the first patient in a clinical trial of L-C Ligament which utilizes this technology.

The company currently has several patents issued and pending related to its bioengineering platform used to re-grow ligaments and tendons.

The L-C Ligament is not approved for use or sale in the EU or the US and is currently available only as part of the clinical trial.