Smiths Medical has announced its intent to stop selling the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, and manage an orderly, carefully controlled exit from the diabetes business over time. “The continued health of the thousands of people who use the Deltec Cozmo insulin pump is our primary concern, and they should be reassured that their pump remains an excellent choice to help them manage their diabetes,” said Srini Seshadri, president of Smiths Medical. “Our customers also should be reassured that Smiths Medical will meet all of its warranty obligations; provide customer and clinical support for the lifetime of the warranty of all pumps; ensure that Deltec Cozmo insulin pump cartridges and Cleo and Comfort infusion sets are available; and make any necessary transitions as simple as possible.” For people with a Deltec Cozmo insulin pump, today’s announcement means two important things: • When the pump approaches the end of its warranty period, customers should consult with their healthcare provider to choose a pump from another manufacturer. • Smiths Medical will work with pump users to transfer purchases of cartridges and infusion sets to one of the many national and/or regional distributors that stock these items. (Anyone who already is familiar with a distributor should feel free to contact that company immediately and start ordering supplies directly.)