Paragon 28 announced phase one of the US commercial launch of its foot plating system that supplants the Normed product line previously distributed by Paragon 28.

The GORILLA R3CON PLATING SYSTEM greatly enhances the product offerings of Paragon 28, joining the Monster & Mini-Monster Screw Systems and PreserveTM Bone Wedge Systems.

Comprised of 10 interchangeable subsystems, the GORILLA R3CON SYSTEM offers innovative solutions for many common foot procedures including MTP fusions, Lisfranc stabilizations, Lapidus procedures and various opening wedge osteotomies.

Additionally, there is a wide array of non-site specific plates available for various other procedures.

Dr. Michael Houghton, a board certified foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon practicing at the Orthopaedic Center of the Rockies, stated "The GORILLATM System has helped me reduce my time in the O.R. thanks to the anatomic nature of the plates, double lead threads on the screws and Precision Guide cross-screw instrumentation."

GORILLA R3CON Screws are offered in three diameters, 2.7, 3.5 & 4.2mm and were specifically designed for three functions: screw tip purchase in cortical bone, shank purchase in cancellous bone and increased strength in the neck region.

This reinforced neck, known as TUFFNEK Technology, vastly increases the bending strength of the construct.

The MTP & Lapidus plates can be used in conjunction with the patent pending Precision Guide. The Precision Guide attaches directly to the plate and is designed to provide various trajectories for a cross screw by not interfering with any of the plate’s locking screws.