Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, announced it will demonstrate its new PharmGuard Infusion Management Software with Interoperability Platform at the AAMI Conference in Denver, Colorado on June 5-8, and the ASHP Summer Meeting in Denver, Colorado on June 6-10.

Smiths Medical recently announced the availability of its PharmGuard Interoperability software platform. PharmGuard Server software receives infusion therapy data wirelessly from the Medfusion 4000 syringe infusion pump.

Clinicians can view, evaluate, and print infusion therapy information to help with continuous quality improvements (CQI) across the enterprise.

The new PharmGuard Interoperability software module takes safety one step further allowing infusion data from the server to be sent wirelessly to the hospital’s EMR, allowing a single location for clinicians to review and validate the information. Interoperability improves efficiency and has the potential for decreasing errors related to medication delivery and infusion documentation.

At the AAMI conference, the PharmGuard Interoperability software will be demonstrated in the AAMI HIMSS Interoperability Showcase which will help healthcare technology professionals understand how they can improve patient safety and clinical outcomes by advancing the use of interoperability initiatives.

The showcase will tell a story of advanced technologies that are exchanging health information using standards-based interoperability.

At the ASHP conference, in addition to demonstrating the software, Smiths Medical will also be presenting a poster on The Importance of Weight-Based Safety Parameters for Intermittent Syringe Pump Infusions. The poster highlights benchmarking data from ten pediatric hospitals that utilized Medfusion 4000 syringe pumps and PharmGuard software device reports.

The results indicate that weight-based intermittent infusion modes may enhance safety when compared to non-weight-based modes, by preventing programming errors.

Smiths Medical also supports family-centered care and alarm reduction goals through enhanced alarm reporting available with the PharmGuard Interoperability software platform.

The software module forwards alerts that are generated by the Medfusion 4000 syringe pump to Alarm Management applications using the IHE Alert Communication Management profile. This allows clinicians to route alerts from the pumps directly to a clinician’s mobile device for immediate response if needed.