Smith+Nephew (LSE:SN,NYSE:SNN), the global medical technology business, today announces that the first total hip arthroplasty (THA) procedure using RI.HIP MODELER, a new preoperative spinopelvic assessment tool, was performed by Dr. Rhett Hallows at Duke Regional Hospital. Separately, Dr. Thorsten Seyler performed the first-ever RI.HIP NAVIGATION procedure on the CORI Surgical System at Duke University in April.

The CORI Surgical System is a second-generation platform that is small, portable, and capable of performing robotic-assisted knee and computer-guided hip surgery on a single platform. Unlike other systems, it eliminates time, costs, and radiation exposure associated with preoperative CT imaging.1,2
RI.HIP NAVIGATION is a new application designed to help maximize accuracy and reproducibility in supine and lateral approaches by delivering patient-specific component alignment – a critical factor for surgeons when assessing individual THA cases. When combined with complementary tools for case planning, such as RI.HIP MODELER and implants with proven performance, the CORI Surgical System delivers a comprehensive solution for hips.

“RI.HIP NAVIGATION enables surgeons who perform total hip arthroplasty to execute a personalized surgical plan. This innovative technology combined with the OR3O™ Dual Mobility System helps to address hip instability,” said Dr. Thorsten Seyler.

The RI.HIP MODELER mobile application may be utilized in surgical planning to evaluate cup placement based on a patient’s unique spinopelvic condition. Now, surgeons may preoperatively assess implant impingement and other factors to help reduce the potential for postoperative hip dislocation.

Dr. Hallows performed the first THA case using both RI.HIP MODELER and RI.HIP NAVIGATION on the CORI System. Complementing the enabling technologies used, he selected the ABLE™ Anterior Approach – a minimally invasive, muscle-sparing approach which drives efficiency with few complications and no barriers to adoption.3 Dr. Hallows commented, “RI.HIP MODELER is a true game changer in total hip surgery. The preoperative spinopelvic assessment tool allows me to simplify a cumbersome process in just a few minutes. Using an iPad, RI.HIP MODELER allows me to individualize care for each of my patients and will be an integral part of all RI.HIP cases I perform using the CORI™ System going forward.”

“Instability remains a challenge in hip surgery, but new technology and implants are changing the game,” said Randy Kilburn, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Orthopaedic Reconstruction, Robotics and Digital for Smith+Nephew. “RI.HIP NAVIGATION and RI.HIP MODELER are important additions to our robotics and enabling technology portfolio that will help fuel growth of the CORI Surgical System as a leading choice for total hip arthroplasty.”

Source: Company Press Release