By connecting the Pega Care Management Application to the Philips HealthSuite Cloud platform, caregivers can remotely manage care with connected health applications to provide immediate access to a patient’s health status. Now care teams – from physicians and nurse practitioners to home caregivers and care managers – can identify potential health issues in the moment and coordinate a timely response to intervene and improve adherence to personal care plans.

With general availability expected later this year, these new connected health solutions developed and offered by Pegasystems will support care managers and insurers to increase care quality and decrease hospital readmissions while also lowering total costs.

Philips and Pegasystems will showcase the power of this collaboration at the annual Pegaworld conference which starts today in Las Vegas. The companies will demonstrate their first integrated care concepts using evidence-based chronic care guidelines and the new FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard.

For example, a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patient on inhaler treatment can self-monitor oxygen levels using a wearable device. At the same time, this health data is shared with the care team in real time so they can quickly respond to patients in need.

Pega Care Management Application enables healthcare providers and insurers to manage and coordinate care across patient care teams.

This solution is further enhanced by joining the growing ecosystem of the Philips Cloud platform, which provides connectivity to millions of connected health devices, integration with hospital EMR and clinical systems, advanced predictive analytics, and secured cloud storage and sharing of longitudinal patient data.

"We’re entering a new paradigm in healthcare, one in which devices and wearables can help care teams extend their services well beyond the doctor’s office," said Alan Trefler, founder and CEO, Pegasystems. "By working with Philips to leverage its deep expertise in connected health and by connecting our solutions to the HealthSuite Cloud platform, we enable new levels of collaboration across the entire health continuum to deliver differentiated personalized care that improves patient outcomes."

With the proliferation of consumer wearables and sensors, combined with advances in connected medical devices, Pegasystems can now use the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to advance care management in new ways using connected devices – from pulse oximeters and glucometers to body scales and fitness trackers – via the Philips HealthSuite Cloud platform.

Through the combination of clinical data, industry best-practice care guidelines and advanced analytics, Pega Care Management will provide a patient’s health management team with a holistic view of the patient’s health and care plans so they can extend personalized managed care in any setting – from ambulatory and acute to the home and on the go.

"It is great to see leading companies like Pegasystems joining the growing momentum of the Philips HealthSuite Cloud platform network to enhance care beyond the hospital walls," said Jeroen Tas, CEO, Connected Care and Health Informatics, Philips.

"The collaboration of Philips and Pega is a next step to deliver successful and efficient population health management to unify the silos of personal health and clinical data so every member of a person’s health care team can take advantage of data in the context of the patient’s broader health."