Smith & Nephew introduced DYONICS 5.5mm BONECUTTER ELECTROBLADE Resector to the endoscopy market for treating subacromial impingement which is one of the most common sources of shoulder pain. The DYONICS 5.5mm BONECUTTER ELECTROBLADE Resector combines patented technologies and is efficient to work as three separate devices: a burr to smooth bone, a mechanical shaver for soft tissue removal, and a radiofrequency (RF) probe to seal blood vessels at the surgery site. This results in shorter procedures. “The DYONICS 5.5mm BONECUTTER ELECTROBLADE Resector saves time and improves workflow during arthroscopic procedures,” said Dr. Craig Levitz, a sports medicine specialist with Orlin & Cohen Orthopedic Group in Rockville Centre, N.Y. “Reduced procedure time means reduced time under anesthesia, and a reduced potential for procedure-related complications such as extravasation (oversaturation of the joint area by surgical fluid).” “For three decades, the DYONICS name has represented leadership, innovation and quality in the arthroscopy marketplace,” said Alain Tranchemontagne, senior vice president of marketing for Smith & Nephew Endoscopy. “The DYONICS 5.5mm BONECUTTER ELECTROBLADE Resector addresses what surgeons have told us are the critical challenges associated with treating shoulder impingement: soft tissue resection, bleeding control and bone removal. We’re proud to bring this technology to our surgeon customers and their patients.”