The smaller size and soft construction of the new anchor helps surgeons to simplify repairs by adding additional anchors and fixation points.

Steadman Philippon Research Institute Dr Marc Philippon said: "The Suturefix Ultra anchor truly is the next generation of hip labral repair fixation; with a reliable deployment that ‘clicks’ to confirm the anchor is set."

The Suturefix Ultra will remove less bone than traditional fixation anchors, with its 1.7mm x 20mm twist drill, noted Smith & Nephew.

In order to deliver the security of a strong suture with a low knot stack, each Suturefix Ultra anchor comes pre-loaded on Ultrabraid high-strength sutures.

Smith & Nephew global sports medicine franchise vice-president Scott Schaffner said: "When the design team started working on this anchor, surgeons were very clear with what they wanted; a small, soft anchor that is easy to deploy and delivers excellent fixation in a variety of bone qualities.

"And as a company known for our sports medicine expertise and pioneering products, we knew that we could deliver."

The labrum is a type of rigid cartilage found in a ball and socket joint, which serves as an attachment point for other structures and tissues around the joint.

Image: Smith and Nephew Factory from the A63, Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Photo: courtesy of Mtaylor848.