UK-based medical technology firm Smith & Nephew has introduced a new Suturefix Ultra soft suture anchor, developed for use in both hip and shoulder labral repair.


The smaller size and soft construction of the new anchor helps surgeons to simplify repairs by adding additional anchors and fixation points.

Steadman Philippon Research Institute Dr Marc Philippon said: "The Suturefix Ultra anchor truly is the next generation of hip labral repair fixation; with a reliable deployment that ‘clicks’ to confirm the anchor is set."

The Suturefix Ultra will remove less bone than traditional fixation anchors, with its 1.7mm x 20mm twist drill, noted Smith & Nephew.

In order to deliver the security of a strong suture with a low knot stack, each Suturefix Ultra anchor comes pre-loaded on Ultrabraid high-strength sutures.

Smith & Nephew global sports medicine franchise vice-president Scott Schaffner said: "When the design team started working on this anchor, surgeons were very clear with what they wanted; a small, soft anchor that is easy to deploy and delivers excellent fixation in a variety of bone qualities.

"And as a company known for our sports medicine expertise and pioneering products, we knew that we could deliver."

The labrum is a type of rigid cartilage found in a ball and socket joint, which serves as an attachment point for other structures and tissues around the joint.

Image: Smith and Nephew Factory from the A63, Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Photo: courtesy of Mtaylor848.