Swiss-based MESA Group Holdings (MESA) has announced the acquisition of Spintech, a leading Turkish service provider for multi-vendor diagnostic imaging equipment, asset management and maintenance services.

Spintech brings deep technical and field engineering specialisation across multiple modalities in Siemens high-end imaging and general radiology medical systems while more recently developing its multi-vendor capabilities to support GE, Philips and Toshiba imaging systems under a strategic partnership that began with MESA in 2012.

The acquisition by MESA Group further strengthens the company’s Pan-European leadership in the growing independent, multi-vendor diagnostic imaging service market as well as increasing its Siemens-specific service capabilities for current and future customers across Europe and the Middle East.

Robert Piconi, Group Chief Executive of Pantheon Holdco, the parent company of MESA Group Holdings and Asteral, commented: "Our acquisition of Spintech is a another step in expanding our geographic footprint into attractive, high-growth segments of the market where there is unmet demand for more high-quality, flexible and cost-effective services for diagnostic imaging medical equipment and broader asset management solutions for hospitals and imaging centres."

Spintech was established in 2011 by a group of former Siemens Healthcare modality managers and field engineers seeking to provide a high-quality and more cost-effective multi-vendor service solution to better meet the rigorous demands of the Turkish market.

Under its earlier partnership with MESA, the group quickly broadened from its roots in supporting Siemens diagnostic imaging systems to develop its multi-vendor capabilities supporting various OEM platforms and providing comprehensive maintenance and asset management services, as well as "turn-key" managed equipment solutions for MRI, CT, PET-CT, Angio and other general X-ray radiology systems.

Spintech currently provides diagnostic imaging and asset management services to both government hospitals and private healthcare customers in more than half of the developed Turkish provinces as well as in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and the Middle East.