UK-based medical equipment manufacturing company Smith & Nephew has introduced Evos Mini Plating System for use in complex fractures of the long bones of the arms and legs.


Developed specifically for traumatologists, the long bone specific system features variety of mini, flat plates and screw sizes, which will address both fracture reduction and short-term fixation, while the final and load-bearing repair is being completed.

Smith & Nephew endoscopy, trauma and extremities president Brad Cannon said that simply put the right tools and make job easier.

"With our new EVOS MINI Plating System, surgeons now have a robust, small plating system designed specifically for the challenging size and shape of long bones," Cannon added.

Each Evos Mini Plating System comprises three different color-coded and size modules, which offer a variety of up to eight low-profile plate geometries.

The system also provides the instrumentation for implementing the corresponding low-profile screw options for cortical, cancellous and osteopenic bone, along with the plates.

With sizes up to 80mm, the system’s screws offer variable-angle locking technology, which helps in the placement of a locking screw up to 15-degrees off-axis.

Image: Smith & Nephew factory from the A63, Kingston Upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK. Photo: courtesy of Mtaylor848.