Clarity provides cost effective soft tissue hybrid imaging, integrated within a singular point-of-care in the CT Suite. Clarity also provides structure based image-guided radiotherapy (IGRT) during daily radiation treatments. The next generation version of Clarity also supports adaptive radiotherapy by alerting physicians of changes in a target structure’s precise location, shape and size and enabling them to use this information to adapt the patient’s treatment plan as necessary. Additionally, the MAASTRO Clinic in Maastricht has begun offering the Clarity System for its prostate and breast treatments.

“We are honoured that the MAASTRO Clinic has adopted the Clarity System for clinical use in advanced planning and soft tissue based IGRT, thus expanding the availability of better patient care in Europe,” said Tony Falco, founder and CEO of Resonant Medical. “Our continued momentum in the European market is further evidence that the radiation oncology community is recognizing the need to address the issue of tumor movement in soft tissue cancers, like breast cancer. As we unveil the latest generation of Clarity products at ESTRO, we hope to make the Clarity System available to an increasing number of cancer patients in Europe.”

During the radiation treatment planning phase, Clarity allows physicians to automatically compare CT and 3D ultrasound images acquired at the same time with the patient in the same position, which can dramatically improve the treatment planning workflow when compared to CT alone. The Clarity System is based on daily auto-contouring and true 3D anatomy changes during the entire course of treatment, ensuring rapid and precise daily delivery to the intended target while sparing healthy tissue. Clarity’s 3D ultrasound imaging is a gentle, non-invasive technology most often associated with pregnancy and providing images of babies. In addition to adding the Clarity System to treatment for breast and prostate cancer patients, physicians at MAASTRO will be exploring how the system may improve treatment planning and targeting in GYN, bladder and liver cancer patients.

“The MAASTRO Clinic is excited to offer this new application of 3D ultrasound technology that advances patient care by providing more accurate planning and guidance in the delivery of treatment to patients battling breast and prostate cancer,” said Dr. Frank Verhaegen, Head of Physics at MAASTRO. “The Clarity System is radiation-free and with the information it provides physicians, patients can rest easier knowing that their radiation treatment can be delivered directly to the area where it is needed most. We are also excited about possible future collaborations with Resonant to develop additional applications of the Clarity System to continue addressing the issue of tumor movement in soft tissue cancers.”