Conquest FN is a new implant solution developed for the treatment of femoral neck fractures and promote bone preservation.

According to the company, femoral neck fractures will result in a significant clinical challenge with complication rates reported to be as high as 69%, depending on fracture type, patient population and therapeutic intervention irrespective of age and bone quality.

The new Conquest FN system has been designed to address these challenges by offering a combination of advanced instrument and implant offerings for the provision of providing intra-operative and post-operative reduction control.

Macon-based Orthopaedic Trauma Institute’s orthopaedic traumatologis Dr Daniel Chan said: “Femoral neck fractures in physiologically young patients are significant injuries. I have had positive results in my initial experience with CONQUEST FN. Intra-operatively, it is easy to implant without a threat of loss of reduction; and post-operatively, patients often follow-up very comfortable with minimal pain, and have progressed to weight-bearing more quickly.”

Inadequate implant fixation are said to result in post-operative complications and secondary procedures. To solve this problem, the company has partnered with FX Devices to use their Pogo technology for femoral neck fractures.

The POGO telescoping compression screw will help offer continuous fracture compression post-operatively, enabling to decrease hip pain and post-operative complications.

Combined with a proximal femoral locking plate, the system facilitates surgeons to have control while treating these fractures.

Smith & Nephew orthopaedics global president Skip Kiil said: “We take pride in designing products that address procedural challenges when treating traumatic injuries and are excited to introduce our CONQUEST FN system to a market that is clearly ready for new solutions.

“It offers truly differentiating POGO Technology that will help take femoral neck fracture treatment to the next level by offering dynamic locking fixation and promoting bone preservation – key elements in returning patients to pre-fracture function.”

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