Sleep HealthCenters has introduced new PAPCenter to track and monitor Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy for sleep apnea.

PAPCenter is a data-driven, sleep compliance monitoring system which tracks and provides individual patient data and also determine and report data for larger groups of patients.

PAPCenter gathers devices data from various manufacturers such as ResMed and Respironics.

PAPCenter also integrates patients Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure and weight, and also track all interactions with the patient (clinic appointments, follow-ups, email, phone), along with the already downloaded device data.

Once gathered, the system provides a customized snapshot of a patient’s progress and compliance with their PAP device.

Sleep HealthCenters president and CEO Paul Valentine said PAPCenter has proven to be an effective tool in improving patient compliance and management with sleep providers, employers, referring providers and insurance carriers.