SL Power Electronics, a manufacturer of medical power supplies, has launched MINT1275 high-density, single output, open frame AC/DC medical-grade power supply.

The MINT1275 models are designed for use in various medical devices with space and airflow constraints, including in-vitro diagnostics and laboratory instruments as well as in portable imaging, surgical and therapeutic medical devices and portable home healthcare appliances.

The MINT1275 power supply is available in 12 to 56Vdc output models and has wide temperature range delivering full rated output power, while operating within an ambient temperature range of -40°C to 70°C with standard interface signals.

The MINT1275 delivers 180 watts of continuous convection cooled power to the connected load and up to 275 watts with forced air cooling at 92% efficiency.

SL Power Electronics sales executive vice president Greg Harris said, "We’re proud to be leading the industry with our feature-rich power supplies and based on customer feedback, we envision that our new MINT1275 model will become a de facto standard for medical device manufacturers."