SIRS-Lab, a molecular diagnostics company, and Pfizer Pharma have collaborated in the field of sepsis to improve the outcome of patients with life-threatening infection, by using molecular diagnostic tests, in Germany.

The aim of the collaboration is to achieve the earliest and most accurate targeting of anti-infective therapy.

The initial focus of the collaboration is on severe fungal blood-stream infections, with the goal to examine the impact of molecular test based diagnosis on the clinical outcome of patients with sepsis, as well as on the pharmacoeconomics of such interventions.

SIRS-Lab CEO Barbara Staehelin said that they are delighted to be working with Pfizer, a provider in anti-infective therapy, and hope that this collaboration will help to improve the outcomes for patients with sepsis.

SIRS-Lab has developed a proprietary sample preparation technology LOOXSTER, which is used within VYOO, its CE-marked sepsis diagnostic test.

With its upcoming product SIQNATURE, the company also plans to allow gene expression monitoring of the body’s immune response to infection.