The new PlanMD software enables radiation oncology clinical teams to leverage patient data and artificial intelligence to efficiently empower their treatment decisions. The PlanMD software is the first and only tool that enables the physician to see the effect of editing contours in real-time, without re-optimizing or replanning.

PlanMD complements Siris Medical’s QuickMatch software, which accelerates the treatment planning process by using artificial intelligence to quickly identify the most similar cases previously treated to inform planning decisions and help reduce dose to critical structures.

Siris Medical president and CEO Colin Carpenter said: “Radiation treatment planning is complex, highly iterative and involves many clinical team members. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence to support decision making, our software has been shown to enable clinical teams to save up to 70% of the time required to plan treatment, while also improving the quality of treatment being delivered.”

This announcement follows a recent publication, “Clinical decision support of radiotherapy treatment planning: A data-driven machine learning strategy for patient-specific dosimetric decision making,” in the Journal of Radiotherapy and Oncology in December 2017. This study demonstrates the unique ability of the QuickMatch software to draw upon historical clinical insights for patient-specific decision making. The study was a collaborative effort between UCSF, University of Pennsylvania, University of Maryland, and Siris Medical.

Medical chief medical officer Marc Nash Siris said: “The decision support capabilities of PlanMD have the potential to benefit clinical teams and patients by making the radiation therapy treatment planning process faster and its workflows smarter, resulting in better treatment plans with the ultimate goal of achieving better outcomes.

“This software is exactly what I was looking for during my time in the clinic to help me make treatment decisions with confidence; it would have saved me hours.”

Source: Company Press Release