The CE-marked FLU A/B primers and probes kit, which is designed to run on the BD MAX system, provides customers with a fully automated system that offers ease-of-use and improved laboratory workflow.

BD Diagnostics diagnostic systems product planning vice president Gregory Meehan said, "As the first partner assay validated for use on the BD MAX System, the launch of the Diagenode Respiratory FLU A/B kit demonstrates the flexibility and versatility of the BD MAX System and open system reagents in facilitating the rapid development of molecular testing assays."

Diagenode CEO Didier Allaer said the company, "What is unique about the BD MAX System versus other platforms is the ability to leverage the open system capability of the instrument throughout the validation process."

BD, in collaboration with Diagenode, is planning to expand the molecular testing menu by offering clinically relevant, IVD assays across various disease syndromes.