Sinclair IS Pharma has licensed Delmopinol anti-biofilm technology worldwide rights to Advanced Medical Solutions Group (AMS) for the development of new foam-based Advanced Woundcare dressings.

Delmopinol is the active ingredient in Decapinol, Sinclair IS’ brand of oral healthcare products.

Delmopinol has a new mechanism of action, which differentiates it from current antiseptics and antibiotics, avoiding the problem of propagating resistant strains of medical pathogens.

It has a stronger effect on biofilm bacteria than it does on the planktonic (free floating) bacteria and prevents initial adhesions and maturation of biofilm forming colonies.

AMS has screened the efficacy of Delmopinol, in a number of in-vitro models, to test its potential use as an anti-biofilm agent in conjunction with its anti-microbial woundcare dressing.

This screening has produced encouraging data supporting Sinclair IS’ own internal development programmes on the compound, and the substantial package of preclinical and toxicological data from Sinclair IS’ marketed products Decapinol and GUM PerioShield in the US (via Sunstar Americas).

The agreement allows AMS to conduct further R&D and feasibility testing for up to a maximum of six months.

At the end of this period, assuming the additional data generated confirms the results seen so far, AMS has the right to exclusively license the worldwide patent rights from Sinclair IS for the new use of Delmopinol in foam-based Advanced Woundcare dressings.

Sinclair IS CEO Chris Spooner said Delmopinol has already been shown to be safe and effective in oral care and has the potential to be an effective treatment for many other indications where biofilms are a factor in increasing resistance.

AMS CEO Chris Meredith said their R&D programme has been looking into ways to control biofilms within chronic wounds, in order to further improve the efficacy of our dressings.

"Indications so far are encouraging that a combination of Delmopinol and our own anti-microbial foam technologies could provide an effective new range of dressings to combat biofilms," Meredith said.