Sinclair Pharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company, has partnered with Invida, a biopharmaceutical company, to commercialise the company's dermatology and wound-care brands in the Asia Pacific region.

Under their collaboration agreement, Invida will be Sinclair’s exclusive partner in 11 markets for its dermatology and wound-care brands, reported.

The website has quoted Sinclair CEO Chris Spooner as saying that this partnership is a landmark for Sinclair and its stakeholders for several reasons.

"It validates our strong conviction that there is a terrific opportunity to leverage Sinclair’s product portfolio into leading emerging markets, and that this can be achieved through long-term partnerships which maximise commercial incentives and minimise business complexity," Spooner said.

"Moreover, the early emphasis on marketing investment demonstrates our focus on sustainable value creation, with the deal structure a blueprint for future Sinclair partnerships in other regions."