The newly formed business will focus on commercial operations and the development of the North American research and clinical diagnostics markets for the company’s DEPArray technology platform.

Silicon Biosystems’ DEPArray technology exploits microelectronics and the principles of dielectrophoresis to isolate and manipulate cells in a suspension matrix.

The company claims that the approach, patented by Silicon Biosystems, offers the possibility of controlling individual cells and micro-particles inside a disposable cartridge.

The DEPArray platform makes it possible to find, sort, select and separate individual cells for further analysis or culturing.

Silicon Biosystems CEO Giuseppe Giorgini said the formation of their own commercial operation in the US represents a significant step forward for their business.

"Our DEPArray platform will allow clinicians and researchers working to advance personalised medicine in areas such as clinical oncology to identify new biomarkers and improve patient treatment based on genetic information they have previously not had access to," Giorgini said.