For multimodality reading of clinical cases with a focus on reading efficiency

Siemens introduces syngo.via for multimodality reading of clinical cases. It was introduced at the 95th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The company is placing special focus on reading efficiency through automated case preparation and structured case navigation across multiple specialties including cardiology, oncology, and neurology.

Syngo.via integrates imaging devices and IT, such as Siemens MRI, CT, and PET-CT scanners and its new picture archiving and communications system, syngo.plaza. Siemens is demonstrating the benefits of this integration, which creates a comprehensive solution based on client-server technology.

The company said that syngo.via enables physicians to access and utilise visualisation tools across the clinical spectrum, and so it stands as an important technological milestone toward improving workflow efficiency and diagnostic confidence levels showing clinical effeciency.

Syngo.via supports workflow through case Navigator functionality by categorising various workflow steps and aligning the proper images to each corresponding step.

Furthermore, during the reading process, findings and measurements can be automatically tracked and listed with Findings Navigator, which allows users to effectively navigate between various findings with just one click.

The software automatically integrates the finding into a context-specific report, enabling users to access and share images, findings, and results on their terms.

Syngo.via has been designed to integrate with existing PACS and radiology information systems of all major vendors.

In conjunction with Siemens’ newest corresponding PACS, syngo.plaza, images do not need to be additionally sent from the imaging device since syngo.plaza drives the entire image routing process.

Combined with a unified user-interface, this helps ensure a smooth transition between different applications and helps speed up the reading workflow.

Image results can be accessed through web portals so that, for example, referring physicians can view images and results anywhere.

With the Siemens service agreement, the syngo.via core functionality and clinical applications may be kept up-to-date through ongoing enhancements. These are available and delivered through the secure remote infrastructure.