Siemens has made the Mammomat Inspiration Full-Field Digital Mammography System, which offers digital screening and diagnostic mammography, stereotactic biopsy and upgrade capability to future technologies all in one system, available in the US.

With its MoodLight LED light panel, the Mammomat Inspiration helps provide a warmer environment by illuminating soft, pastel colors that can change dynamically throughout the day or can be set on one color that best matches the environment.

To match breast density and thickness, the Inspiration offers three anode/ filter combinations: Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, and W/Rh.

The Opdose feature of the Inspiration automatically selects the appropriate anode/filter combination and the lowest radiation dose for individual breast characteristics.

Inspiration’s Opcomp function applies compression only as long as the patient’s breast is soft and pliable – stopping at the point of optimal compression.

The Inspiration’s one-click-to-image functionality automatically opens the patient scheduler after an exam is finalised, so that selecting the next patient is the only mouse click needed.

With its isocentric rotation, the tube head instantly goes from the cranio-caudal to the mediolateral-oblique position with one touch of a button. The operator interface of the syngo-based acquisition workstation (AWS) includes the generator console – meaning less equipment and a smaller footprint.

Mammomat Inspiration provides an amorphous selenium (aSe) detector – directly converting X-ray energy into an electric charge. With a new AEC algorithm, the system measures and selects exposure parameters based on the individual breast size and composition.

Siemens’ Acquisition Workstation (AWS) and syngo MammoReport allows breast image viewing from multiple modalities all on one screen.

Through DICOM and RIS compatibility, patient data is stored in existing clinical archives.

With Siemens Remote Service, service time gaps are shortened or downtime can be eliminated. Through constant monitoring, deviating parameters are detected before problems occur.

Siemens Healthcare X-ray Products vice president Gerhard Schmiedel said that the system was designed to help provide a more pleasant examination environment for patients, more efficient workflow for technologists, and excellent image quality for physicians.