Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics has received CE marking approval to sell HIV Antigen/Antibody (Ag/Ab) Combo Assay for use on the Advia Centaur and Advia Centaur XP Immunoassay Systems.

The Advia systems offer a complete HIV screening test menu allowing clinical laboratories in Europe to further consolidate infectious disease testing with other routine immunoassays.

Siemens said that the HIV Ag/Ab Combo assay available for sale in Europe, aids in the early detection and diagnosis of HIV infection by simultaneously detecting the presence of both the HIV viral protein (HIV-1 p24 antigen) and the antibodies produced in response to the HIV viral infection.

The ability to detect both the antigen and the responding antibodies simultaneously can increase the likelihood of early detection and treatment for HIV patients.

The Advia Centaur HIV assays are developed, manufactured, and sold by Siemens for Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics. The Advia Centaur Systems HIV Ag/Ab Combo assay is not intended for testing or screening pooled specimens (from more than one individual), or for use in screening blood or plasma donors.

Dave Hickey, executive vice president of central laboratory and global product development, at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, said: “Siemens continues to invest in the development of new tests that allow clinical laboratories to reduce costs, while enhancing the quality and timeliness of patient care. The introduction of the Advia Centaur HIV Ag/Ab combo assay is an example of our commitment to offer customers a broad range of high performance, fully automated HIV screening tests.”