The Avanto has been installed in Bassetlaw’s MRI department for general scanning purposes and to provide diffusion imaging assistance in neurological examinations. The system’s spatial resolution capability has enabled the hospital to offer quick and high quality brain scans in accordance with National Stroke Strategy guidelines.

The Avanto’s syngo Native application is beginning to be used to carry out scans on patients with severe renal impairments. The application is powered by Siemens’ Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology, designed to increase flexibility, speed and accuracy in MRI and has enabled staff to carry out renal artery imaging without giving patients contrast CT procedures.

“We previously had a Siemens system at DoncasterHospital and were very pleased with it so it did not take long for us to decide that the Avanto would meet our needs,” said Susan Brook, Superintendent Radiographer at BassetlawHospital. “We have been able to produce faster scans, which in turn have helped streamline workflow.”

The Artis zee Multipurpose is being used in the X-ray department for a range of oncology, orthopaedic and gastrointestinal procedures. The system’s image quality means that radiologists are able to rapidly detect and diagnose abnormalities such as tumours. The procedure is also less invasive than a traditional endoscopic examination.

“We have only had the Artis zee for a couple of months but have already found it easy to operate. The adjustable table height is ideal for getting patients into exactly the right positions for orthopaedic work such as knee replacements,” said Judith Haynes, Site Superintendent Radiographer at BassetlawHospital.

The SOMATOM Sensation multislice scanner has extended the range of services at Bassetlaw to include CT angiographs, lung biopsies and ENT procedures. “The SOMATOM Sensation is very easy to use and its speed of image delivery has enabled us to streamline workflow and increase patient throughput. The systems have helped improve our services without compromising in areas such as manual handling and health and safety. We are very pleased with them,” Judith Haynes concludes.

“We are delighted that the triple installation at Bassetlaw has made an important contribution to improving workflow and enhancing its imaging facilities,” said Sarah Sandhu, Regional Sales Manager at Siemens Healthcare. “Each system helps create a relaxed and comfortable scanning environment for the patient and delivers high quality imaging for detailed and accurate diagnosis.”