Siemens Healthcare has launched two new MRI systems Magnetom Aera 1.5 Tesla and Magnetom Skyra 3 Tesla MRI systems to power productivity.

Siemens Healthcare said that Tim (Total imaging matrix) technology supplies power for the generation of high image quality and Dot (Day optimising throughput), a new workflow engine, offers guidance and automated workflows, helping standardise complex MRI exams irrespective of patient condition or radiographer resource level available.

syngo.via is a new software solution for multi-modality image reporting. It pulls together clinical images for interpretation and automatically pre-processes according to condition-specific requirements in one click. The reduction in manual steps is expected to increase time efficiencies of in excess of 10 minutes per case and promotes greater diagnostic confidence. It also optimises cost ownership inside the health environment and delivers continuous return on investment.

The ‘Automated Case Preparation’ feature of syngo.via automatically loads images into the appropriate application and sorts them into the corresponding layout, pre-processed according to disease-specific requirements. This eliminates the need to manually choose the application, load data and select the corresponding layouts. Its ‘Case Navigator’ function assists with structured workflow by categorising various workflow steps and aligning the proper images to each corresponding step.

Ronan Kirby, Image & Knowledge Management Business Manager at Siemens Healthcare, said: “syngo.via is an exciting solution for today’s health economy and well positioned to support the NHS’ QIPP agenda. As an innovation software application it works with existing multi-modality medical equipment to improve patient throughput and clinical interpretation, which in turn enhances the quality and productivity of the service delivered to patients.”

Both new MRI systems have a 70cm Open Bore design to accommodate a variety of patient sizes and conditions and the open appearance helps reduce sedation rates by minimising anxiety for claustrophobic and paediatric patients. The Dot workflow engine integral to both systems offers real-time guidance to steer the user, step-by-step through even the most complicated exams, providing instant help, how-to descriptions and example images.

Jane Kilkenny, MR product manager at Siemens Healthcare said: “We have entered an innovative time for MRI imaging and applications. Pressures on the health service demand that imaging solutions streamline workflow and at the same time enhance the patient experience. Skyra and Aera will ensure that staff resources are better utilised, even in complex cardiac cases, and that more patients can be seen. This in turn has the potential to boost revenue for a Trust or independent healthcare provider.”