To complement the S2000 unit, five transducers have been delivered to expand the range of clinical examinations available. The clinic now has a variety of probes to select from including a 4C1, 8V3, 14L5 and a 9L4.

The Multi-D matrix 9L4 transducer is the latest to the range and optimises clinical workflow and extends diagnostic capabilities. The lightweight and ergonomic design helps obtain clear and detailed images across a vast range of clinical applications. Its format delivers high frequency imaging resolution with superb clarity and detail for greater information and interpretation. With more anatomical information on the patient case, the clinician can deliver a confident diagnosis.

Taghreed Toma, consultant radiologist at Spire Wellesley Hospital, said: “The S2000 and range of transducers will ensure our patients are provided with the best quality ultrasound scans. The set up is already proving very beneficial in our breast clinics, as it provides outstanding image quality to look in detail at concern areas. The enhanced image quality will make certain that diagnosis is as accurate as possible.”

Annie Makin, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, said: “The S2000’s versatility ensures it is suitable for a wide range of clinical applications. The range of innovative transducers also significantly helps hospital staff to select the most appropriate examination pathway to speed up and improve diagnosis in maternal fetal medicine, gynaecology and breast applications.”