Siemens Healthcare announced that it has achieved a milestone with the 1,000th installation of its MAMMOMAT NovationDR, a full-field digital mammography system for screening, diagnostics, and biopsy applications. Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital recently received the MAMMOMAT NovationDR, the first system to merge Siemens’ long-standing networking expertise with all the advantages of full-field digital mammography to optimize clinical workflow. The MAMMOMAT NovationDR is designed to handle the mammography workup from patient registration and image acquisition to post-processing and reading. The system features Siemens’ exclusive dual anode technology. This tube offers three anode/filter combinations that match breast density and thickness – Mo/Mo, Mo/Rh, and W/Rh. With Tungsten technology and high mA output, even dense breasts are examined with shorter exposure times. Dose can be reduced by up to 50 percent, while maintaining image quality. Currently biopsies at Susan B Allen are performed in their cancer center by surgeons, using Siemens’ newly installed MammoTest unit, a biopsy system which visualizes smallest microcalcifications and diagnosing masses. Pathology is currently off site, but one of the facility’s new goals is to improve report time. “Our ultimate goal is to offer screening, biopsy and the pathology report in three days to patients in order to decrease patient anxiety,” said David Shaw, vice president and chief operating officer at Susan B Allen. “The addition of the MAMMOMAT NovationDR means that we can now offer a superior product and provide optimal patient comfort, via features, such as the flex paddle, as well as dose savings.” Technologists at Susan B Allen have noted the faster pace of the digital system, thanks to features such as Opdose, which automatically selects the best anode/filter combination and the lowest dose for the individual breast characteristics. For example, in the first 30 patients examined at the hospital, only one change of acquisition parameters was needed. In addition to Opdose, MAMMOMAT NovationDR is designed with other unique features for both patient and user comfort. Opfocus compression plate is designed for the most efficient use of the detector area and allows inclusion of a larger area of the pectoral muscle in the image. SoftSpeed slows down the compression plate after initial contact with the breast and adjusts the speed according to compression resistance. Opcomp compresses only as long as the breast is soft and pliable and stops at the point of optimal compression for optimum image quality. MAMMOMAT NovationDR’s large-format detector size (24 cm x 29 cm) can be used for imaging virtually all breast sizes. In addition, isocentric and motorized movements of the swivel arm allow fast and accurate image acquisition in all projections. The field of view for both large- and small-format images and magnification adjusts automatically to the compression plate in use. Physicians can review and evaluate acquired images and prepare diagnostic reports on the syngo MammoReport breast care workplace. syngo MammoReport allows all steps of the reading and reporting process to be individually tailored to meet your needs. Images and previous examinations from other modalities, including magnetic resonance (MR) and Ultrasound, can be viewed on syngo MammoReport, as well as mammograms from third-party mammography vendors.